Key to the City

7 December 1987
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About me
Name: Lisa
Nick: LisaS, Hime
Age: 20
Birthday: December 7th
Status: I have a lovely boyfriend <3
Hobbies: chillin´, shopping, my friends, music, sleeping, traveling, Japan


Books: Endymion Spring, Inkheart, Inkhblood, Peter Pan ...
Movies: No Country For Old Men, Sweeny Todd, Sleepy Hollow, Aliens vs Predator 1/2, Ghibli Movies, Lovely Complex, Disney Movies, Pirates Of The Carribbean 1-3, WImbledon, A Knight´s Tale, Silent Hill, Shang High Noon/ Knights...
Food: Pizza, Pasta, Miso Ramen
Drink: Cherry Coke, Fanta, Peppermint Tea
Music: Mary Elisabeth McGlynn, High and Mighty Color, DBSK, m-flo, skafunk, Ayu, Disney OST´s, X-Ray Dog, FictionJunctionYUUKA, Kalafina, Origa...
Mangas: Bleach, Naruto, Parfait Tic, Kilala Princess, Gals!, Loveless...
Anime: Bleach, Naruto, Lovely Complex, Gundam Seed/ Destiny
Others: Spring, Summer, Music, Traveling, Japan, japanese street style, my cellphone, Pri-Cla, searching for beautiful photo-themes, sunrise, Tokyo, Mamegoma, Tare-Panda, Rilakkuma, Marie (Aristocats), Stitch, Chip ´n Dale, Nemo, Donald, Daisy, Mickey, Minnie...

arrogance, unorganized journeys, stupid manga/anime fans @ OCS, stpid german mangaka who think they are great at drawing, stress, school, school tasks, some teacher, bad movies, less sleep, ugly rooms...